Eighties Comic Books

There were many comics released during the eighties but some of them were better loved than others. Some were more relate able than others. Some were well-designed while not much thought seemed to have been given in the design of others. Here we will dwell on the eighties comic books that are worth talking about. The ones that told the best stories using the best art.

Amazing Spiderman

There are many Spiderman stories that had been told before and have been told after but the 1982 Spidey stories are the best. Roger Stern and John Romita, Jr. did an awesome job on the #229 and #230 issues. Romita brought in a simple artwork that fitted perfectly with Spiderman’s simple nature. Well, Spiderman is the most human-like hero that has ever emerged from Marvel. He is a simple guy facing the same problems that we all face. The way my friend explains at gutter cleaning Alpharetta, In these issues, the hero was faced with a long battle in which he was almost defeated by the enemy. At long last however, he was able to win while crushed under a building. He wins by mistake which gives this story an interesting twist.

Batman: Year One

In this 1987 volume, Frank Miller recreates the story of where batman came from. He looks at Batman through his own eyes and appears to be the writer who understands the superhero the most. This comic book formed the storyline of ��Batman Begins’ film. The story tells vivid details of Batman’s origin with a realistic representation of his dark, moody personal feelings. Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego, is there to help him differentiate good from evil, something he is struggling with at the beginning of the story.


In 1982, Daredevil which was created by Stan Lee was at the brink of becoming extinct when Miller returned to New York and was just in time for a final stunt to save the comic. This comic features the story of the death of Elektra and is another amazing creation of the renowned comic writer.

The Watchmen

This has come to be accepted as the masterpiece by Alan Moore. It was printed in 12 parts between 1986 and 1987 and is one of the most anticipated comic book releases of the time. The comics tell of the story of a group of superheroes plagued with the problems that ordinary people face but in a more immense measure. Their world is corrupt and the heroes and residents of the town have a pessimistic view of life which many could easily relate to. It was not a comic like any other but was accepted as a serious literature reading material.

The Dark Knight Returns

Released in 1986, this Batman tale by Frank Miller focuses on the return of the Dark Knight after his retirement. On his return he finds that superheroes have been outlawed by the federal government. Superman is the enforcer of the new law. Batman is the only one who wants to hold to his grounds and save the people of Gotham. Some argue that this is the best Batman story ever told while some commend the great artwork featured in this comic. Regardless of the reasons, this is one of the best eighties comic books.

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