Comic Books and Movies

The movie business is humming with comic books being revised to the full screen. Not only is it lucrative for Hollywood to produce comic book characters, but for the comic book industry as well. There have been low budget movies and television series based on the most famous comic books. Usually the low budget movies don’t do too well.

The huge comic book films typically use celebrated actors and the disparity between the low budget movies and the high-end movies are obvious.

The television industry has had a love relationship with comic book heroes for years according to my guy at bankruptcy Lawyer Roswell. The old comic book serial shorts presented a popular comic book hero. The special effects were narrow with the era, but it introduced the character to the world. The arrival of radio helped make a way for comic books to hit ordinary people who would never had the introduction to them.

As time went on, so did technology and special effects. Certain comic book super heroes necessitated to have specific characteristics to appear to fly or see through walls. Wires were put on the costumes and hoisted in the air to seem to defy gravity. Boulders that were huge in size were made of paper. All kinds of primitive devices were used to amuse us and amuse they did. The developments in the special effects department gave Hollywood its first foretaste into a profitable enterprise.

In 1978, the first big blockbuster came onto the scene and the film industry was taken aback at the type of money that was made. The comic book industry took notice to and went on with three more sequels that never came close to the first one. In 1989, Batman was shown and it was a huge success. Jack Nicholson played the Joker with keen appeal and was the only actor, at the time, to get a piece of the profits.

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