Nineties Comic Books

Something ��comic’ has always meant a hilarious act, statement, situation, movie or article etc.

Comic books, on the other hand, mean a story or sequence of drawings or graphics related to a usually funny series of events which entertain the reader to the extent that he wouldn’t like to put it down until he finishes the entire sequence before him. Although originally introduced and meant to be a comedy series with a story for the children, comic books became equally popular with adults over a period of time. New trends overtook the industry with superlative story telling.

Soon, even comic book collection became a big hobby, something like the collection of used postage stamps (philately). It has a big following around the world today. Comic books or comics are collected for several reasons ranging from nostalgia, appreciation in value, profits and for the pride of having a complete collection. My friend who owns roofer Roswell collects them every chance he gets. Price guides are published at periodic intervals. Demand and availability as well as the copy’s condition determine its price. Overstreet Price Guide, first published in the 1970s is the longest running annual price guide. With the growth of the Internet, online databases now track the character appearances, creators and storylines of the comic books. Online auctioning sites like eBay and Heritage Auctions have substantially increased the visibility and sale of comic books.

For over five decades now, Marvel Comics, the publishers of comics such as X-Men, Spider-Man and Fantastic Four have been the leaders in the

Eighties Comic Books

There were many comics released during the eighties but some of them were better loved than others. Some were more relate able than others. Some were well-designed while not much thought seemed to have been given in the design of others. Here we will dwell on the eighties comic books that are worth talking about. The ones that told the best stories using the best art.

Amazing Spiderman

There are many Spiderman stories that had been told before and have been told after but the 1982 Spidey stories are the best. Roger Stern and John Romita, Jr. did an awesome job on the #229 and #230 issues. Romita brought in a simple artwork that fitted perfectly with Spiderman’s simple nature. Well, Spiderman is the most human-like hero that has ever emerged from Marvel. He is a simple guy facing the same problems that we all face. The way my friend explains at gutter cleaning Alpharetta, In these issues, the hero was faced with a long battle in which he was almost defeated by the enemy. At long last however, he was able to win while crushed under a building. He wins by mistake which gives this story an interesting twist.

Batman: Year One

In this 1987 volume, Frank Miller recreates the story of where batman came from. He looks at Batman through his own eyes and appears to be the writer who understands the superhero